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Innovative Panic Button Solution (Our Panic Button Story)

Here at REVLAB, we strive to think outside of the boundaries of the ordinary. Our first and foremost goal has always been to save our clients money. When we first began this company, our solution was meant to provide peace-of-mind to hotel staff across the country while also not breaking the bank. Our Panic Button application was developed for the benefit of all that use it, no matter the profession.

Multi-platform Designs

Very early on, our panic button was originally designed to be an Android-only device that connected with nearby Bluetooth beacons. The application maintained a simplistic UI design with just one single button that alerted all connected accounts in the event of user interaction. From here, we were able to develop new features that made our system more appealing to clients. As we began to expand and grow, we decided that only having an Android version was not enough for our business, so we began development for iOS as well. The iOS app was developed to mimic the same user interface which we already established on the Android version. In today's world, it is extremely out of the ordinary to have an app that only works on one operating system. To maintain industry standards, we put our iOS development as our main priority and focus in our early months. The purpose was to provide a multi-platform application that can serve a wider audience of clientele. We realized, if the client can download the app to their personal phone in the future, then we can cut costs and send our end-user money as they use our system.

Ongoing Development

The design of our app is forever changing and updating in order to reflect the best possible panic button system on the market! At REVLAB, we are not just bragging about innovation but we are actually achieving it. We frequently ask our clients for rigorous feedback to help improve the application's overall usefulness and quality. The innovative process begins when a client gives feedback. From there, we collectively work towards pushing out an update that will benefit all and suffice the feedback of our clients. We are sure to listen to our customer's concerns and dig into the problem at hand. We may think at first glance, every iteration of our app is ideal but without hearing from our clients, we are blinded by our perception of perfection.


In the end, our innovative process is best seen at the heart of our clients. They are the ones that help us gain insight into the industry by submitting their input and thoughts. In our opinion, a third-party perspective is the only way we can see our flaws and focus on the bigger picture ahead. REVLAB will continue to innovate for years to come.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions...


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