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Sometimes what your business needs are a fresh set of eyes to find the best way to bring in new customers. Managing a business is complicated, outsourcing your marketing can save you time, money, and a major headache.

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Covid-19 has affected many businesses and unfortunately changed the way businesses run and operate. Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses were amongst the hardest to get hit. Travel restrictions have slowed the hospitality industry and we believe that this is the perfect opportunity for many hotels to re-establish themselves and prepare for exponential growth in the next few months! 

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We've been avid suppliers of the latest, fastest, and most adaptive panic button systems for your hotels across the United States. Giving hotels access to the best technology for the lowest cost is only one way we are here to help the industry.

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Our professionals have worked with industry-leading analysts to determine the best strategies for our clients. From smaller restaurants, all the way up to corporate hotel campaigns, we welcome anyone in the industry to get a consultation with us to see what options you may have.

Our advocates for employee safety...

Hotels who vowed to protect the safety of their employees with our system are eligible for our monthly payment plan that integrates our safety system cost into your marketing strategy needs all in one low cost. Just a little something from us to un-complicate things from the pressure of Covid!

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