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Campus Safe

"Alyssa's Law"

What is Alyssa's Law?

...And How Can A Panic Button System Help?

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Across the nation, states are beginning to introduce a new piece of legislature regarding the safety of our schools. Commonly known as "Alyssa's Law", these new state laws require local school districts to have implemented a Silent Panic Button type system in order to alert the proper authorities in case of an on-campus emergency. So far New Jersey, Florida, New York, and Nebraska are all in the process of making our schools a safer place through Alyssa's Law. 

A school silent panic button system can alert others immediately that help is needed on campus. This reduces the time for relevant authorities to be called and in the end saves lives during an emergency.

Emergencies can include but are not limited to...

  • Active shooter on campus

  • Campus lockdown

  • Fire on or near campus

  • Medical emergency

Architectural Structure

...20-30% cheaper than most competitors!

Lowest Priced Panic Button

Four Point Solution










Panic Button App

Our app can be downloaded onto any android/ios smartphone*.  Simply set up your profile within the app the first time you open it then you are one tap away from contacting 911 in the event of an emergency. 

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Local Law


Once you tap on the help button the local law enforcement will be met with an automated message telling them help is requested at your school.

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Cloud Database

In order to maintain compliance with certain state legislature, REVLAB's backend Cloud Database maintains 100% reliability 24/7. Each user's application reports data to the Cloud Database so to provide a record of previous "Requests for Help".

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SMS Alerts

Keep everyone in the loop with customizable SMS alerts. Just input the phone number of the person you would like to receive alerts...

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Android + iOS

Cross-platform Panic Button System allows for our clients to use their own devices. No need to buy new equipment / devices!

Our lightweight solution is adaptable to most versions of Android / iOS.

Alyssa's Law Compliance

Alyssa's Law compliance requirements vary across the country but the common theme among them all is that the system must be a "Silent panic alarm." The best solution for this type of alarm safety system is a discreet mobile application. Adaptable to any device, this application allows the user to request help at their school by sending an automated detailed message along to the relevant authorities. The convenience and light-weight design of a mobile panic button application allow REVLAB Technology to provide our clients with an affordable solution to keep our loved ones safe!

Software Application

  • Zero downtime

  • Easy installation

  • Minimal setup necessary

Low System Cost

  • State grants available

  • Software only

  • Remote setup

Safety Authorities

  • Police

  • Fire

  • EMS

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Protect Our Loved Ones

Keep peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected. An effective school panic button solution can protect countless lives. Let us help you keep your school safe!

School Safety is a Major Concern Nationwide!

New Jersey became the first state to sign through Alyssa's law and mandate a silent panic button system for schools.  On February 6th 2019, New Jersey Act 18A:41-10 (Alyssa's Law) went into effect requiring all public elementary and secondary schools in the state to install silent Panic Button Systems to alert local law enforcement.  Other states are following suit and proposing similar laws.  Florida's Alyssa's Law has also been approved by the Governor on June 30th 2020.  New York and Nebraska are in progress of pushing this law through.  

Read more about New Jersey's Alyssa's law here...
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