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Hotel Panic Button

Hotel worker safety is our #1 priority. 
Employees with housekeeping or room service duties are essential to hotel businesses.  States / Cities across the country have implemented legislation that requires all hotel employees performing duties inside of guest rooms to have a panic button / employee safety device on them at all times, in case anything from physical assault to sexual harassment happens while performing their jobs. For this reason, we've developed the most secure, fastest, and convenient Hotel Panic Button System on the market!


Staff Member Requests Help


Notify Security/Front Desk


Security Officer Dispatched

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REVLAB Panic Button Overview - 

Get only the best for your staff!

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Architectural Structure



AHLA Member

Allied member with American Hotel & Lodging Association


Noonlight Partner

Noonlight partnership to provide on-scene emergency service assistance as soon as possible

Panic Buttons no longer break the bank! REVLAB's creative solution follows suit with many of our competitor's systems with 30% less cost to our customers


BLE Beacon

One BLE Beacon is placed in every room. Each BLE Beacon lasts for 3-5 years while using a passive low-energy signal. These BLE Beacons help to locate which room you are closest to in order to report your location back to the security officer.

All BLE Beacons are waterproof and come with a strong protective casing. No need to worry about these breaking while on the job!

REVLAB Hotel Panic Button

Panic Button Device

All relevant employees use an Android/iOS smartphone with REVLAB's Panic Button software in order to determine location when requesting help.

Once the user presses the Panic Button on the center of the screen, the phone will then begin searching for the nearest BLE Beacon and request help within only seconds!

REVLAB utilizes a variety of methods for determining the most accurate room location based on the BLE Beacons nearby. REVLAB's proprietary software solution finds the right room fast.

Once the right room is found, a push notification is sent to everyone relevant to the emergency situation.

REVLAB Google Cloud Database

Google Cloud Database

REVLAB's backend Cloud Database maintains 100% reliability 24/7. Each Panic Button reports room-based location data to the Cloud Database and provides a record of previous "Requests for Help".

REVLAB's Secure Cloud Database is stored purely online which means no need for our clients to install new hardware at their property. This cuts down on cost and keeps things more secure!

REVLAB Panic Button Text Alerts

SMS Alerts

All "Requests for Help" are provided to relevant security personnel through the use of SMS Text Alerts. SMS Text Alerts supplement our existing Push Notifications from the devices. Having a failover solution such as this keeps things safe and secure no matter what happens.

SMS Text Alerts from a Panic Button Device can be configured to send to as many phone numbers as our clients want! 

Android + iOS

Reduced cost of product due to the lightweight solution our team has developed. No need for a fancy "Control Center" software when everything is available on your phone!


"Plug and Play" solution

  • Zero downtime

  • Efficient installation

  • Minimal setup necessary - can be done by hotel staff

Software / System Costs

  • As low as $0 installation fee

  • Low initial cost

  • In-house software management

Licensing / Maintenance 

  • Free repairs

  • Customer Support included

  • Low - cost service plan


Save up to 25% with

(Bring Your Own Device)


Already have company smartphones? Our solution can integrate with your existing system without the need to purchase new hardware.

Image by JJ Ying


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Hotel Worker Safety is a Major Concern Nationwide!

See how we help our clients save money...

View our nationwide Panic Button compliance map to help find out if your hotel needs a system.

REVLAB has designed a free Cheat Sheet available to everyone interested in a Panic Button System. We know making a decision will be tough, so we are here to help you make this decision as easy and stress-free as possible. If there is one thing we learned in this business, it's helping hotels make smarter decisions when it comes to choosing the right solution. Click the button below to download REVLAB's free Hotel Panic Button Cost Cheat Sheet and get informed!

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