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Three Benefits

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Referral Bonus

By referring REVLAB to a friend / colleague, you can earn up to $1000  for a 300+ room property or $500 for a 100+ room property!

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Increase traffic to your website through cross-marketing. REVLAB  and our Partner will  mutually promote eachothers product / services to customers . Also, benefit from Blog posts and Page backlinks to your website for the SEO Benefits!

Industry Insights

REVLAB's Partners share in the insight and data we acquire about industry trends and direction.  Make informed business decisions by sharing in our industry knowledge!

Luxurious Hotel Room

Our goal at REVLAB Technology is to provide our clients with the best Hospitality Solution Devices around. We know that when you're satisfied with our services, you'll want to tell others. That's why we offer a referral bonus of up to $1000 for anyone who refers a friend or colleague to us. Spread the word about our innovative technology and earn a reward for doing so!

How to refer...
  1. Know someone who needs Hospitality Solution Devices (Panic Buttons) or Hospitality Marketing

  2. Have them reach out and mention your name and business

  3. REVLAB will reach out to confirm with you

  4. Get paid once the referral moves forward with REVLAB!

Below is a breakdown of how much you can earn based on how large of a property you refer...













 Referral Partnership Details 

Our Partners / Memberships

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Let's talk Partnerships!

Request additional information or talk to our business development department about a partnership opportunity!

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