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REVLAB Technology LLC was originally founded on the idea of saving clients money through smarter processes and solutions. Established in New Jersey, our team has been able to upheave the Panic Button industry by providing clients with an actually affordable solution to keep their staff safe from harm. After much market research and product development, REVLAB has been able to establish itself as a prominent provider of Panic Buttons to Schools / Hotels. 


The company's Executives come from backgrounds in Marketing. Between the experiences of Advertising, and Web/Mobile development, our founders were able to create a company that leverages marketing solutions while also providing lightweight software to fulfill industry needs.

 We pride ourselves on being a software development company with special expertise in marketing technologies. REVLAB's expertise in the industry brings a new standard to our valued clients. We maintain a friendly staff which can help any of our client's businesses grow. REVLAB Technology is committed to providing a practical solution that fits our customer's budget.  If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to reach out and speak with us. We look forward to doing business together! 

Mission Statement

"REVLAB Technology LLC, strives to provide our clients with a solution that will lower their operational costs and bring a greater ROI"

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