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Drone Solutions

Drone technology can be very useful for a business. Our pilots are trained in the following areas in order to help you!...

  • Real Estate Photography (Residential/Commercial)

  • Business Marketing Videography

  • Work-site Management 

  • Site-surveying and Mapping Services

  • Aerial Inspections

REVLAB technology LLC, uses our drone technology in conjunction with our skilled video/photo editors in order to create an effective visual presentation of your property. Our team also has the ability to provide utility services. One of such services includes, work-site management which helps monitor construction yards in order to provide clear visibility to all stakeholders.

Image by Aaron Burden

Professional Editing

Cost Effective

Quick Turnover

Drone Photography Sample
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Reasons to Choose REVLAB for Your Aerial Real Estate Photography...

REVLAB Technology LLC has trained and certified Drone Pilots employed in order to provide our customers with an effective and safe Aerial Photography Solution. In terms of Real Estate Photography, our team has proven useful in capturing high quality images in order to sell your property faster for a higher price. According to a study done by "", homes sold for $3,400 to $11,200 more by using a professional photography service. 

Drone Photography used to increase listing price

Our skilled Editors create seamless videos and eye-catching photos for our clients. Each picture should be captivating enough to draw in a new audience for your property. REVLAB's goal for Real Estate Photography is to provide our clients with a way to draw in more bids on their property. REVLAB Technology works with local realtors in the area in order to stay on top of the market. 

Reach out to us today so we can help sell your property for a greater value!

Real Estate Photography

Alternative Drone Solutions

Commercial Use

Need land surveyed from above? REVLAB utilizes our drones in order to provide our commercial clients with aerial images of large-scale properties. We can help with...

  • Land Mapping

  • Aerial Work-site Management

  • 3D Mapping of Natural or Man-made Structures

  • Remote Project Progress Monitoring

Residential Use

As for residential uses, REVLAB offers services to supplement your home. Some of these services include...

  • Aerial Roof/Chimney Inspection

  • Home Energy Efficiency Testing

  • Need a site surveyed from above? Let us help you!

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  • Monitor your work-site with our drone solutions!

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