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REVLAB Technology LLC employs experienced developers who specialize in multiple areas of the IT industry. Our team has developed and produced an effective / affordable Hotel Panic Button solution for hotels in order to fulfill new state mandates / laws. Feel free to learn more about what we do and if you have any questions, reach out to our team for quick clarification. We look forward to working with you! REVLAB Technology LLC also provides Marketing services to the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania market. We have experts in HTML, SEO, Mobile Development for Enterprises (Java/Swift), Advertisement Management, and Social Media Marketing. 

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Are you considering purchasing a Hotel Panic Button system for your hotels? A partnership opportunity with REVLAB can be beneficial in many ways. Applying for our Pilot Program is the best way for your company to get accustomed to the REVLAB brand without having to fully commit to a partnership. Contact us to learn more about partnerships!

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