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Partnership: REVLAB x Noonlight - A Hospitality Industry First

REVLAB has partnered with Noonlight to help bring safety to your business sooner.

REVLAB Emergency Response

On average, the emergency response time in the U.S. is generally around seven (7) minutes before a responder is on-scene ( This time can be crucial when it comes to saving lives. When a responder arrives at scene, they still have the task of finding the individual who has requested help. This is where REVLAB comes in! Our system paired with Noonlight can now greatly reduce response times for businesses by providing emergency services with exact room-based location of the user who needs help. Even saving just a couple seconds can make a huge difference for those in need of help. REVLAB has partnered with Noonlight to make this process the most efficient and safe solution in the industry!

What does Noonlight do?

Noonlight brings emergency responders to the scene when you or your staff cannot. Noonlight will handle the call to the police, fire, or medical depending on your situation. They will communicate with the user directly through a phone call or SMS text to see if that user is alright or in need help. If the user is unable to respond or confirms they need help, then Noonlight will work with emergency services in the area to dispatch help to your location immediately. Noonlight is here to help save lives through preventative measures and quick responses.

Noonlight works with companies such as the well known dating app, Tinder, to provide safety for a date that may have taken a turn for the worse. They will track the user's location and send help right away if the user feels in danger. Noonlight also works with the security provider Notion whose sensors and cameras are connected to Noonlight to send police if there is a break-in or firemen if there is a fire.

Police car on street
Emergency services are never too far away when they know exactly where to find you...

Why did REVLAB partner with Noonlight?

REVLAB has partnered with Noonlight to integrate their Noonlight API (Application Programming Interface) into REVLAB's Panic Button App. Our application will make a call to a Noonlight operator at any time the panic button is pressed in our app. We also give the user options to press in case they need help with a Fire emergency, a Medical emergency, or just need the Police. We are proud to partner with Noonlight to bring our Panic Button Solution one step closer to the future and to protect any worker who feels threatened or unsafe. REVLAB's goal is to create and promote a safer working environment for both hotels and schools across the U.S.

So why did REVLAB choose to partner with Noonlight? The answer is simple and said best by Noonlight themselves in this link HERE. For those who did not click the link, I will explain here. The 911 operators work in jobs with some technology that is outdated and hard to track the location of a moving smartphone or device. Noonlight is there to circumvent that problem by being the middle man to help locate the area or location in which the person in danger is requesting help from the police.

This instantanuoes exchange of location data matters because the information is essential in saving lives and in the 21st century. Information can be so easy to obtain yet so far away. The information of you or your staff location will help emergency services find you faster to potentially save your life because Noonlight was there to pinpoint your location and give that data to the 911 operator.

This was an easy decision to make for REVLAB because it makes our Safety Solution even safer. With Noonlight on our side, REVLAB's Panic Button App has soared to new heights and is reaching what we thought could only be a dream. We look forward to providing the hospitality industry with the fastest, and most secure safety solution on the market!

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