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Myths About Panic Buttons

Panic Buttons have been shadowed by speculations and myths about the laws and mandates requiring them. Panic Buttons are not always what they seem and in some cases, the wording of what a panic button consists of, is very vague and confusing. On top of that, every state or city's laws are different and so their definitions are varied. Due to the vague understanding of the wording in each law, it can bring about confusion and start speculation and myths.

If you want to find out more about what each state/city version of the law is, then take a look at one of our previous blog posts on Panic Button Mandates Across the Country. But to make a long story short, every mandate and law has a different version of what the Panic Button requirements are for their state/city.

In these laws, there are a few terms that are used from time to time. One of them is a One Button System. Now a One Button System by definition means that as a user of the panic button you only need to press one button to alert the proper people. One of the myths about this type of system is that it needs to be a physical device that is only one button and nothing else. That is not the case. The fact the one-button system is indeed described as only to have to press one button but it is more than that. It means a device that does not have to power on before using it. This would include an app on your phone since a phone is technically already powered on. This could however exclude radios because usually a One Button System is required to be hooked up to a silent alarm. Although a radio would technically count as a One Button System to some capacity it falls short of a Panic Button.

Speaking of radios, another myth is a radio can be used in place of a Panic Button system. The fact is, this is not always the case. Most Panic Button mandates state that a Panic Button is a silent alarm in which a radio is not. Some laws have specific mentions to radios stating that they are not allowed in place of a Panic Button System. Although a radio can work in a few instances of harassment or danger, a Panic Button is always a safer bet because it can tell your location even when you cannot. That is why these laws are for Panic Buttons and not for radios.

Panic Button mandates may all differ in their definitions of what a Panic Button is but at REVLAB we are here to make sure that our system is in compliance with the most up to date laws on Panic Buttons around the country. REVLAB's Panic Button system works for every state law on Hotel Panic Buttons. On top of that, we are on average 30% cheaper than our competitors.

Panic Buttons are a simple concept with a complex definition and REVLAB is here to make things easier for you.

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