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Hospitality Trends To Expect In 2023

As each year comes and goes, so do the trends of every industry. Hospitality being one of the most adapting and stable industries is no exception to this rule. 2022 has brought with its triumphs and challenges for hotels across the country, so why not stay ahead of the game for the new year? The predictions of many show the clear change not just among hotels, but among their clientele as well. People working new jobs, traveling to new places ,and wanting to stay in welcoming environments are going to be looking for hotels that reflect their newly discovered needs and wants. So what do you need to know and how can you stay on top of the new trends of the new year? We have put together a list that your hotel could take into account when preparing for the year ahead and the anticipated wishes from clients.

Trend #1

Many predict that this is the year of mixing work and travel for many of those who work remote jobs. People that are able to work from anywhere are going to new places to explore all while completing their work on their devices. Going from city to city while taking time away from work has never been so easy before with stationery offices and in-person meetings. Now, people are free to go and do as they please with the accessibility of working in the palm of their hands. Not only does this urge hotels to have adequate internet access, but also comfortable working environments in and outside of each room. With a welcoming yet professional place to work, the extent of clients stay may exceed the intended plan. Providing what some would consider an office space without being an office space gives those working from home the touch of interaction they may be looking for.

Trend #2

In 2023, we may be seeing a push for more communication between the guests staying in hotels and the management staff. Many travelers are looking for easier ways to stay in the know with the hotel they are staying at. This includes the status of their room, upcoming events, and offers hosted by hotels. Having a good social media representative and a prominent presence is going to be important to people looking into traveling during the upcoming year. Having the technology to do so is important for every person on the hotel staff to keep each other as well as clients up to date on what is going on around the establishment. In this aspect, REVLAB Tech is here to help. We are providing the most current technology to help your staff be efficient and safe at the same time. 2023 is the year of integration between guests and staff, so let's start the year off right by ensuring good communication and efficiency that will keep guests coming back while enjoying their stay every time.

Trend #3

With a year of hard work, many people are also wanting to find time to relax and rewind during 2023. While working from home, or wherever life takes them, we may be seeing a push to find outlets to destress for guests starting this year. Some find relaxation in taking advantage of hotel amenities such as gyms, pools, spas, or restaurants. Others find enjoyment in activities outside of hotels. When searching for hotels, prospective guests are now looking into what can be offered by hotels that align with their life/work balance. No matter where their likes take them, it is going to be important for hotels to be engaging during 2023 allowing their guests to get a full experience during their stay. Management teams are looking into new opportunities that help engage guests and provide opportunities to make the most of every day.

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