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Hospitality Management Expansion Tech

REVLAB Tech has a new wave of releases to the system making property management easier than ever. With the addition of new apps and expansions, it is now more efficient to manage your property and increase safety at the same time. A change in the interface is going to allow a multifunctional tool making jobs become easier! The new add-ons are going to be available to our customers with full usage within phone capabilities. This new interface will offer pre-existing customers as well as new ones the opportunity to optimize their business all in one place.


What apps will be added?

New apps that are going to be essential in property management are going to be installed in the newest version of our panic button devices. First, there is going to be an addition to aid in the communication between employees. We want to increase the speed and productivity of workers and allowing them to get in touch with each other will make the process much easier. With this, they will be able to communicate the status of rooms, what is needed to be done and what is needed to satisfy all customers on the property. It will also allow for easy contact with maintenance to clarify the needs of each room and their specificity. We will also be adding to our app an easy feature to keep track of stock within the property.

Our newly designed interface has been created to make it easier for everyone to use. When your whole team is able to contribute equally, it makes the work done by management easier too. These features are going to coincide with the pre-existing features of our original Panic Button. We are just condensing functions together to make a more cohesive device for all employees to use.

These app additions are going to make property management easier while increasing the usability of our devices. We are adding these features to benefit our customers and to fit all their needs into one place. Training videos will be provided soon to ensure that all employees are getting the most use out of our newest additions and updates.

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