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How We Partner

Choosing to partner with us is always mutually beneficial! By developing partnerships with you, we are not only able to keep cost low, shipping fast, and implementation simple, but we are able to keep our closest clients in the loop about upcoming updates for the system. We are very excited to announce to our customer base that we are currently testing new feature for our system. Stay in the loop!

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Referral Incentive

We work with management companies to make sure they get the proper compensation. Referral incentives are awarded to management companies and independent parties who reference REVLAB to hotels looking to stay in the panic button market and satisfy panic button mandates. We fairly compensate anyone who goes above an beyond in spreading our message of safety. We cannot stress enough how important safety and affordability is. We're here to help.

What is our Pilot Program?

We understand from a brand perspective, it may be hard making the right decision for your hotel and/or brand. Our Pilot Program is designed to solve those worries. Have our system installed at one location through our program for a fraction of the price and see if it works for you and your brand before committing to multiple hotels. 

You'll have the chance to test out our product and see if it's the right fit for your brand. We offer customized solutions to larger hotel chains. Contact us for more information!

For Large Hotel Chains...

Partner Discounts

Reaching Out

Becoming directly affiliated with REVLAB brand is the best way to save even more money on our systems for your hotels. REVLAB partnered associate gain access to our partnership discounts. Gain competitive advantage on the industry on new updates and join in on the conversation with the REVLAB team on opinions, ideas, and various other benefits. 

Become a REVLAB Insider

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Becoming a REVLAB Premier Partner shows us you are completely dedicated to your employees. Safety is a major concern in the industry. We reward you for taking serious steps towards the ultimate goal: safety. We want you to join our open discussions. Giving our Premier Partners the privilege to talk with our team of developers helps us all succeed together. Get involved and have your ideas make a statement with us and get involved with unpublicized insider development here at REVLAB!

Supplemental Marketing Co-op

REVLAB Premier Partners will also have a chance to sit down and exchange idea about their marketing and media. As a final way to say thank you to our most trusted partners, we've decided that discounts, future insights and updates, and a chance to speak to our developers just simply isn't enough. REVLABs Elite Marketing Team would love to help various business partners by including a supplementary marketing program.

Partnership Eligibility

Hotel management companies, hotel franchises, hospitality related businesses are all eligible for our partnerships. To be eligible for our Pilot Program, your business must have 2 or more owned properties or currently do business with hotels.

Let's talk Partnerships!

Request additional information or talk to our business development department about a partnership opportunity!

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